The changing landscape of medical billing and the practical aspects of your practice should be considered when approaching your accounting. Now more than ever physicians must pay attention to the business aspects of a medical practice.

Numbers are data are what any physician needs from his or her CPA is information. The value a GMG CPA brings to the medical practice is applying his or her knowledge, experience and judgment to turn data into information, information that is the basis for decision making. GMG offers advisory services as well as tax planning services. 

Our CPA professional are dedicated to you and your medical practice,our goal is to minimize your tax burden and make sure there are no year-end tax surprises. Services include the following:

  • Tax planning and analysis
  • Tax projections and analysis
  • Tax preparation Federal and State
  • Representation before taxing authorities
  • Problem resolution
  • Practice acquisition/divestiture tax consulting
  • Structuring of physician buy-ins and buy-outs
  • Tax impact of proposed practice merger
  • Practice valuation tax analysis

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